This spot for NFL.COM was very popular. It has a clean visual wit, the set design has a near comic book reality. It's not quite the real world, but it has real people and objects. The days and thus the rooms belong to the abstract world of the calendar. They have clearly defined edges, bright planes of color; they are iconic places, they stand for all days everyday. Too realistic, too detailed, they might become overly specific, hard to skate through like hangover Mondays.

NFL TV Calendar Set

These IBM spots create rapid but engaging stories. A full, rich world has to be established within seconds. From a family owned bakery to a global market, the design must facilitate & enhance the script, while invisibly addressing all technical requirements. One has to be sensitive to the client's brand and sympathetic to the spot’s specific goals. All this must be accomplished on budget and on schedule.

IBM Viennese Bakery Set
IBM World Customer Set

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